Lectures – The New Culture Code: Organizational Transformation in an Era of Disruption

Life or Death in an Exponential World.

Technology is essential for transformations to occur in an organization. But breaking down cultural barriers is more important. Check out the most appropriate type of culture for today’s business environment.

The main vector of the changes that so characterize today’s society (and, consequently, the corporate environment) is technology.

The omnipresence of technology often leads people to believe that this product of science is at the heart of transformations.

Practice shows that this perspective is not in line with reality.

A global survey, recently released by McKinsey, points to the vision of corporate leaders as the main finding. And that one of the main barriers to the success of their organizations in this new era is the deficiencies in their organizational culture. It is not possible for any transformation of any nature to take place in any organization that does not involve a profound cultural transformation at its core.

The content of this lecture is based on a study carried out on the theme of “Management of Tomorrow”, one of the best-selling business books in the country, according to the ranking by Folha de São Paulo.

The presentation will contribute to a better practical understanding of the importance of organizational culture, the most appropriate type of culture for the current business environment and the ways to generate a concrete cultural transformation.

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