To contribute to one’s individual development through strategic counseling and by fostering and reflecting on customized studies, promoting networking with key people, and fulfilling specific demands related to the corporate environment.


  • The mentoring module comprises 10 monthly meetings.
  • The process begins with a Diagnosis
  • The aim of this step is to analyze the current landscape and the information pertaining to the individual’s specific mentoring demands and expectations.
  • Besides in-person meetings, this stage may include gathering information from secondary data and autonomous surveys of these ventures and their segment.
  • Specific emphasis will be given to business goals, with analyses of the characteristics of the company’s ventures, of the industry’s peculiarities and of other segments that might generate specific lessons.
  • At this point, the phase of Strategic Discussions
  • This phase is intended to explore, through in-person meetings, the topics and problems that have come up and been expressed.
  • At the end of each meeting, an Action Plan will be developed, including practices to be carried out and their execution timeline.
  • This Action Plan may include both practical activities to be implemented in the company, as well as readings and studies that will serve as a basis for the forthcoming discussions, contacts and meetings I will establish or hold with strategic players from my own personal networking.
  • Each session will generate a shared document that will outline the highlights, decisions and next steps discussed at the meeting.
  • Whenever necessary between counseling sessions, I can be reached in person via Whatsapp or cell phone.



  1. All meetings will be conducted by me, José Salibi Neto.
  2. Meetings will take place primarily via Skype to optimize the time of all participants. Occasionally, in-person sessions will be held.
  3. Each meeting will last an average of 90 minutes.
  4. Occasionally, according to specific demands, meetings may occur further apart, but never at intervals of less than 15 days.
  5. At the beginning of the process, a calendar will be defined with the dates of all in-person meetings.
  6. After the initial 10-session module, the project may be continued with additional modules with the same profile and characteristics.


Send an email to [email protected].