José Salibi Neto is one of the leading names in management in Brazil. He is co-author of 7 books, including the bestselling Gestão do amanhã, [Management of tomorrow], which helped change management thinking in Brazil and has sold over 70,000 copies in twelve editions. He published O novo código da cultura [The new culture code] in 2019, a bestseller from the second week of its release, and, in 2020, O algoritmo da vitória [The algorithm of victory] and Estratégia adaptativa [Adaptive strategy]. 2021 saw the release of Estudo de casos: Gestão do amanhã [Case studies: What lies behind the success of scalable companies]. Salibi is also co-author of Movidos por ideias [Driven by ideas] and O que as escolas de negócios não ensinam [What business schools don’t teach].

For more than two decades, he worked and socialized with top management thinkers, including Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, Michael Porter and Philip Kotler, and world leaders such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Al Gore and Rudolph Giuliani.

Salibi is co-founder of HSM, the leader in Executive Education. During his tenure, he helped expand the company to 5 other countries, including the United States. His name is immediately associated with the introduction in Brazil of the key concepts of contem­porary management, having helped to transform thousands of companies, executives and entrepreneurs in the country.

Salibi is currently a keynote speaker at events throughout Brazil, helping companies and professionals achieve their full potential and make the decisions that will enhance the future of their businesses and careers. He was a mentor to Edson Bueno, founder of Amil, for over 20 years. His clients include Algar, Oracle, Dasa, Unimed, Liberty Seguros and Ocemg, among many other companies.

In his autobiography, professor Philip Kotler devotes an entire chapter to Salibi’s work, whom he calls an “entrepreneur extraordi­naire.” In 2021, Salibi was elected to one of the 50 chairs of the Brazilian Academy of Marketing.

He graduated from the University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business, and earned an MBA in International Business from the same institution. He was a member of the school’s Advisory Board for 20 years and, in 2009, was honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Award, the university’s highest tribute to a former student.

In his youth, Salibi was one of the country’s leading tennis players and won several junior and professional tournaments in Brazil and abroad.