Management in Uncertain Times

How to shield your business from inflation and other global disruptions


Accelerated technological evolution, political instability, pandemics, and conflicts with global dimensions. The reasons are many, but the consequence is only one: an uncertain future full of challenges on a macro and micro scale is approaching. As could not be otherwise, the business environment also feels the tremors of these crises and, unfortunately, there is no escape: the dreaded inflation resurfaces. The good news is that, despite the prospect of instability impacting the confidence of even the most incisive leader and the effects of this phenomenon being able to destabilize even the most solid business model, it is possible to act and react in this scenario.

In this book, Sandro Magaldi and José Salibi Neto, best-selling authors, join forces with Ram Charan, renowned author, consultant and leadership expert, to bring a practical guide on how to act in the business world in times of inflation and consequent global systemic instability.

Here you will learn:

  • What are the impacts of the global context on your company’s organizational design and management mechanisms, and how to adapt these systems to the future of uncertainty;
  • Which steps to prioritize when it comes to financial management and how to avoid that the shocks of the inflationary crisis destabilize your company’s finances in an irreparable way;
  • Which impacts of the crisis affect the commercial management of a company and how to adapt your commercial strategies to this scenario;
  • How to align your employees to the new business model adapted to the current context;
  • How not to leave aside innovation in the face of the inflationary crisis;
  • How to adapt your company’s internal and external communication to reduce the insecurity and high instability of your collaborators and stakeholders.
    In this work, you will understand that effective management in times of inflation is possible, and, whatever the scenario, one thing is certain: the time to act is now!

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Disruptive Leadership

Transforming skills and competences to lead in the Management of Tomorrow.

The leader’s biggest challenge is to adapt his organization to the new world. And, for this adaptation to be successful, it has to reinvented himself.

The current model of leadership was forged in a world that no longer exists. With foundations that go back more than a hundred years, traditional leadership was mainly based on productivity and efficiency metrics – elements present on the agenda of executives in this position. However, we are facing a new world, which demands new thinking about leadership.

Engagement, technological and social transformations and work virtualization are factors that have undeniably transformed the perspective of what it means to lead. And, to work, a leader’s attitudes must change according to the context in which he is inserted. The main challenge, therefore, is the structuring of a new model that adheres to this new context. How to do it? What skills should this new leader have?

In Disruptive Leadership, a complementary work to Management of Tomorrow, The New Culture Code and Adaptive Strategy, Sandro Magaldi and José Salibi Neto bring to light purposeful and grounded studies and reflections on the role of the leader in this new era. Here, the authors interview eighteen business leaders and global experts on the subject and develop the powerful Leadership Constellation, delving into each of the profiles that make up the constellation throughout the chapters:

The Connector Leader;
The exponential leader;
The algorithmic leader;
The leader as a business architect;
The ambidextrous leader;
The contributor;
The communicative leader;
The leading builder of learning environments;
The ESG leader.

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Case Studies: Management of Tomorrow

What’s behind the success of scalable companies.

Attuned to the evolution of organizational concepts in the age of digital entrepreneurship, Sandro Magaldi and José Salibi Neto offer here an innovative approach to the Case Study method, along with detailed analyses of six companies that are creating the future of corporate management: Magazine Luiza, Mercado Libre, iFood, Nubank, Best Buy and Domino’s Pizza. Based on the six building blocks discussed in Gestão do amanhã [Management of tomorrow], the cases include the latest concepts, dynamic suggestions, insights and valuable tips that every successful organization must understand to create their own foundations towards a scalable business.

At the end of each chapter, a QR Code gives readers access to exclusive talk shows with highly prestigious experts, who will enrich our understanding of where the management of the future is leading us.

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Adaptive Strategy

The rules of competition rules have changed. Are you ready?

At no other time in human history have there been so many and so extreme transformations. All traditional strategic and management models are in dire straits, and we must envision a new structure to meet the demands of a highly unpredictable and constantly changing environment.

To help your organization successfully adapt to this new context, Sandro Magaldi and José Salibi Neto discuss here the adaptive strategy framework – essential for carrying out the required innovations and remaining competitive in the current game.

In this book, you will learn:

  • About the new strategic model and how to make your organization better capable of dealing with the complexity of the current business environment
  • How the three elements of adaptive strategy work together: organizational culture, agility and data management
  • How to place customers at the center of the value creation journey, and make original and creative decisions faster to improve their overall experience
  • How adaptive strategy is used by the leading organizations of the new economy, and how to apply this framework in practical and assertive ways
  • How to achieve the required agility to remain competitive in the face of new players who move in agile and dynamic ways
  • How to transform your company for one of today’s most successful business models – Business Platforms.

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The Algorithm of Victory

Lessons from the world’s best sports coaches for you to apply to your team, your career and your life

We all collect victories and defeats in life. The difference lies in increasing our chances of winning. And there is nothing better than high-performance sports to teach us this. José Salibi Neto and Adriana Salles Gomes did a comprehensive survey of athletes – from Michael Phelps to Usain Bolt – and teams (such as Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers, Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona and Tom Brady’s New England Patriots), and discovered in the teachings of greatest coaches an amazing formula capable of making you a champion in life and in business. With this book, you will learn the algorithm of victory from the world’s leading coaches, such as Alex Ferguson, Bernardinho, José Roberto Guimarães, Marta Károlyi, Nick Saban, Pep Guardiola and Phil Jackson.

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The New Culture Code

How can I begin the necessary transformation of my business?

This topic has kept many managers awake at night, having recognized both the reality imposed by the new business models and the need to reinvent themselves to continue existing. If, on the one hand, the main vector of transformation in the business world is technology, on the other people are always at the heart of every change.

A company is a group of people brought together towards a common goal – or, at least, that’s how it should be – and, thus, it is the organizational culture that sets the tone by bringing together the entire ecosystem. In a nutshell, the culture of a company is how it “makes things happen”.

This book will help entrepreneurs to start transforming their business according to the concepts discussed by the authors in Gestão do amanhã [Management of tomorrow].

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Management of Tomorrow

Everything you need to know about management, innovation and leadership to win in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

There has been no other more vibrant moment in the recent history of humankind, one so full of challenges and of yet-unmapped opportunities. The entire world is open. All bets are off. Life itself is open-ended. What enabled corporations like Netflix, Airbnb and Uber to replace seemingly entrenched and indestructible companies and business models? What does the future hold for us? Although much has been said about these new market players, numerous unknowns remain about the future of the corporate world, with its different models of companies and businesses, many of which are still considered unfaltering. The truth, however, is that, on a daily basis, the world is undergoing changes in every area. Today, the new – represented by new technologies, innovations and disruptions – consorts with the classic, the traditional, forged over centuries of human coexistence and development. The new age is known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the most sweeping, profound and far-reaching revolution in history – the only one that harmonizes transformational discoveries by integrating, for the first time, the physical, digital and biological worlds in one and the same environment. Given all these changes, the management framework must also change – the corporate models, the leaders, the educational mechanisms etc.

Sandro Magaldi and José Salibi Neto offer an all-inclusive overview of historical management models and discuss what should be the model for our current time. In a comprehensive yet simple language, they examine everything you must know to avoid getting knocked over for not adapting to the new. You must accept, once and for all, that the future will not be what it used to be, and understand that “any company designed to succeed in the 20th century is doomed to fail in the 21st century”. Discover the management models of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Find out if traditional management education is bankrupt. Become acquainted with the profile of the leaders of the 4th Industrial Revolution.



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What Business Schools Don’t Teach

Do you need – or want – to improve your company’s performance?

What if you were offered the opportunity to learn all the essentials of management by reading ten books in one?

What if these ten ultra-objective books actually addressed ten lessons so practical, so down-to-earth, they don’t even seem to come from books?

Even if you don’t have to improve your professional performance anytime soon, this “book of hands-on books” already exists and will make your evolution occur naturally. It’s called O que as escolas de negócios não ensinam: Insights sobre o mundo real de gladiadores da gestão [What business schools don’t teach: Insights into the real world of management gladiators] and organizes the tacit knowledge that exists in every company.

The book was written by “gladiators” José Salibi Neto and Sandro Magaldi, who founded and led companies and platforms such as HSM and, and have now dedicated themselves to the world of the 4th Industrial Revolution. They have experienced first-hand what works and what doesn’t, absorbed what their co-gladiators have felt, and are ready ti share ten fundamental lessons with the self-effacement of those who have had true insights. (Other gladiators include Peter Drucker, Jorge Paulo Lemann, Edson Bueno, and Flavio Augusto da Silva, among others.)

So, save yourself time and make an impact with your ten-books-in-one library. They will give you:

  1. An effective management framework: principles-driven guidance
  2. Today’s key skill: asking transformational questions
  3. The culture that makes the greatest difference: that of complicity, a step beyond trust
  4. The main risk to avoid: people’s egos
  5. The secret of ecosystems: emphasis on strategic alliances
  6. A new power system: based on relationships
  7. The genesis of the best teams: they require “ordinary” people
  8. Leaders who will inspire you: none have loose screws
  9. The most worthwhile focus: the vocation to serve
  10. The “trick” to change: keep some bases stable


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Driven by Ideas

Insights to build enduring companies and careers

In this book, José Salibi and Sandro Magaldi, former president and commercial director of HSM, respectively, offer a synthesis of the greatest management lessons that every company leader must know to continue to represent the pillars of management thinking – which never change.

Covering topics such as sales management, career self-management, leadership, effective partnerships, and networking, among others, the book’s strong point is that these lessons repose on the teachings of the greatest gurus of modern management, such as Peter Drucker, Jim Collins and Ram Charan, and of leading Brazilian entrepreneurs, such as Edson Bueno and Jorge Paulo Lemann.

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