JSN Innovation Lab

“Technology advances faster than the human ability to learn”.

So-called marketing myopia has led many market giants to succumb. To keep a company attuned with the ever-changing landscape takes more than simply knowing what’s going on. The company must change its mindset to embed the changes into its culture, rather than just adjusting itself to them.

The JSN Innovation Lab is the latest offering developed by José Salibi Neto to transform ideas into results. When he develops a bespoke 6-to-8-hour workshop, Salibi carefully analyzes the company’s reality using dedicated research tools and his vast experience, and can thus see not only today’s challenges, but those that will still arise in the overall industry in the short, medium and long term.

The program follows the concepts developed in the bestsellers Gestão do amanhã [Management of tomorrow] and O novo código da cultura [The new culture code], and benefits from numerous expert inputs to carry out the cultural transformation at the ideal pace, while preparing the company to be digitally transformed as well – a prerequisite in every sector today. However, one should bear in mind that the comprehensive transformation of the history, culture, processes, image and results of a company can be disorderly if carried out haphazardly. Therefore, besides the in-person workshop with Salibi, the JSN Innovation Lab is structured according to the following execution schedule:

  1. Initial meeting (in person or remote) with the CEO/president and/or founder of the company to assess the scenario, its specificities and requirements.
  2. Thorough understanding of the challenge ahead: who are the players and the people involved in the company’s processes, what are the profiles of these people and how can they enhance and accelerate the expected results through the proposed change. At this stage, Salibi may request internal cases, company data and/or interviews with leaders.
  3. In-depth study of the company’s market and its position within this universe. Relevant issues are brought up: how should the company work to get to the top?
  4. In-person workshop with Salibi, based on the book Gestão do amanhã, including a presentation of the in-depth study and insights on how to focus the company’s mindset on the mapped changes. The workshop follows a brainstorming format between Salibi and the executives, not only bringing to light all the team’s ideas and best practices, but also helping to analyze the feasibility of implementing and pre-prototyping the changes through the JSN Method.

At the end of these stages, the internal work begins. The ideas and possibilities discussed as a team are embedded into the company’s day-to-day activities by the executives themselves and transformed into actions involving all the internal teams. At this point, the cultural change will have begun and teamwork will allow the company to make the “digital turnaround” organic and painless, like any other change scheduled to happen.

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