Tomorrow’s Management

Everything you need to know about management, innovation, and leadership to win the 4th Industrial Revolution.

What made companies like Netflix, AirBnB and Uber take over from seemingly established and indestructible companies and business models? What does the future hold? The world is wide open! And, in this lecture, José Salibi Neto presents a complete panorama of management models throughout history and what should be the model in the new moment , the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In the lecture, it will be possible to learn about the following topics:

  •  The future is no longer as it used to be;
  •  Any company designed to succeed in the 20th century is destined to fail in the 21st century
  •  What are the management models in the 4th Industrial Revolution?
  • Traditional management education is bankrupt?
  • The profile of the 4th Industrial Revolution leader; and
  • The company as a business platform and the new leadership.

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