Lectures – Understanding Peter F. Drucker

The pillars of winning management, based on José Salibi Neto’s 14 years of work with Peter Drucker on several fronts. Recommended for High Potentials.

  • What are Drucker’s great concepts upon which the pillars of modern management were built?
  • How do great leaders get ordinary people to do unusual things ?
  • What are the five most important questions that every company must ask itself?
  • Why is it that all we need to know about the future is that it will be different from the present, and why is preserving the past much riskier than building the future?
  • What are the seven great opportunities for innovation available to every company?
  • Why are great leaders those who know how to ask the right questions, and why is the most dangerous thing there is to ask the wrong questions?
  • How did knowledge become transnational and portable – and why is it useless if it is not converted into action?

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