Lectures – Disruptive Leadership

Transforming skills and competences to lead in the Management of Tomorrow.

Never, in the history of the business world, have so many iconic companies been lost in such a short time due to the rapid transformations caused by exponential technologies. Among them are: Nokia, Polaroid, Kodak, GE, Sony, Xerox, Borders, Sears, Atari, Nortel, Toys R Us, Circuit City, JC Penney, Macy’s, Motorola, Toshiba, BlackBerry and many others. And this number continues to grow.

In fact, it’s the leaders of those companies that have not developed the new skills and competencies needed to compete in a technology-driven world who have been lost. The leader’s traditional skills are no longer enough. Increasingly, companies are transforming themselves into business platforms. As platforms demand new approaches to strategy, they also demand new leadership styles.

The skills needed to tightly control internal resources simply do not apply to the work of developing external ecosystems .  The leader’s true power is not reflected in how many people are accountable to him, but is grounded in his success in connecting people, partners and platforms. In this lecture, the result of years of research and practice in the business world, José Salibi Neto presents the new skills and competencies that every leader needs to develop to win in a world of unprecedented speed.

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