Lectures – Adaptive Strategy

The rules of the competition have changed. Are you prepared? At no time in human history have there been so many intense transformations. The traditional strategic and management models are in check and it is necessary to reflect about a new structure that meets the demands of a highly unpredictable and constantly changing environment. In this lecture, Salibi talks about:

  • The new strategic model and how to make your organization better able to deal with the complexity of today’s business environment;
  • How the three elements present in the adaptive strategy relate to each other (organizational culture, agility, and data management);
  • How to put the customer at the center of the value creation journey and make original, creative decisions faster to improve the overall experience;
  • How adaptive strategy is used in leading organizations in the new economy and how to apply this modeling in a practical and assertive way;
  • How to obtain the necessary agility to remain competitive in the face of new protagonists that move in an agile and dynamic way;
  • How to transform your business into one of today’s most successful business models through business platforms.

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